Guide in choosing the best faux leather pants

The faux leather pants are a chic fall-season outfit that can be styled easily. Vegan leather materials have alike look to genuine leather without a complex care instruction. You can pair these pants with a slim blazer and chunky sweater for the office along with the heels when going out, these faux leather pants can be that versatile. Faux leather pants are offered in a variety of colors, styles, and finishes that boost their appeal. Faux leather pants are back for fall in the latest trend prints and colors. There are plenty of faux leather fabrics that are high quality and met a look and feel that is close to that of genuine leather, yet at a lesser price.

The faux leather feel and texture are two qualities to look for. The fabric must have a grainy and deep texture and a soft feel like that of real leather. Faux leather pants are more versatile than you’d think. You can style them with the season’s comfortable fabrics like shearling or faux fur or tailored pieces for an elevated look.

Do faux leather pants stretch?

Quality faux leather will suit snugly, never compressed. Yet, if you want a bit of stretch in your pants, the faux leather pants will stretch gradually over time. Especially in areas like the legs, knees, and waist, to fasten the process, warm water and fabric softener can always be used. Your faux leather pants must be washed using a non-abrasive and delicate cloth dipped in water and a bar of soft soap to wipe over your pants.

faux leather pants

 What to consider when choosing faux leather pants?


            Real leather is costly, yet another great choice you have is faux leather pants. It has come a long way in the previous years, it’s more affordable than the genuine one.


  • While there are various types of vegan leather used in accessories and handbags, most faux leather pants are manufactured with synthetic material that has a coating for a glossy leather-like look. A lot of featured styles are made with polyester blend fabrics with a coating of polyurethane. For extra comfort, choose materials with elastane or spandex for a bit of stretch.

Care Label

  • While some faux leather pants are dryer-safe and machine washable, others need dry cleaning or hand washing. You have to follow the care label closely to make sure they maintain in great condition wear after wear.


  • Faux leather pants like any other pants are available with various fits like wide and skinny legs, leggings, cropped, and a lot more. Several styles provide tall or short inseams, these were popular among the testers.

Stay away from brown

  • White, black, and trendier colors like metallic and bright red are easier to fake because the color is harmonious across the garment even if the leather is genuine.