Pool ownership comes with a lot of responsibility, not the least of which is proper upkeep. In the summer, preparation for pool season means keeping an eye on water chemistry and balancing chlorine levels. It means getting your pool ready for cold weather and inviting guests to enjoy a toasty dip in the warm water in the winter.

With the right advice, pool owners can ensure that their pools are properly maintained and ready for swimming year-round. Here are some pool maintenance tips every pool owner should know.

Winterizing your pool

Once nightfall rolls around, a cold winter wind starts to blow, and the weather gets cooler, you may think it’s time to pack away your snorkels and goggles till next summer. If you live in a warm climate where winter is mild, that might be all you need to do. But if the mercury drops, it’s best to take the proper precautions and sometimes use Swimming Pool Services.Proper pool maintenance begins with knowing how to properly winterize your pool. Before you put away your swimsuits and floats, remember these winterizing tips:

Remove water from the pool by way of a siphon or automatic pool cleaner. If using a vacuum, use caution not to damage any parts of your pump or filtration system. Once you have removed as much water from the pool as you can, drain the remaining pool water into a drain and run the system until there is no more water coming out.

Disconnect power from the filtration system. If you have an automatic chlorinator, remember to turn off the chlorine feeder pump. If your pool has a light, turn it off, remove any extra fixtures or furniture from the deck area and draw and lock your pool ladders in place.

If you use salt chlorine, drain the salt cell and disconnect any other chemical feeders. If your pool uses liquid chlorine, turn off the feeder pump and siphon all of the clean water you can get out of the pool.

If you use a winter cover on your pool, be sure to apply a layer of dust or sand to prevent water from seeping through. Once you have finished winterizing your pool, it’s time to add some winter accessories. Keep skimmers, pool ladders, and other accessories from getting damaged by the snow and ice by applying a mounting sealant to them.

Sealing your pool during cold weather

Pools in colder regions require proper pool maintenance that keeps your pool protected from the harsh elements of winter. Maintain your pool with these necessities:

A winter cover- Most pools should be equipped with a cover that prevents snow, leaves and debris from accumulating on your pool surface. When selecting a cover, choose one that doesn’t have any holes or tears. You can use an automatic pool cover, but you’ll need to make sure it’s functioning correctly and not jammed by snow.

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Filters- If you want a crystal clear pool when the weather warms up, it’s best to thoroughly clean and backwash your filters before winter hits. Filters may also need replacing if they’re in bad condition or if you run into problems with chemical balance during winter.

Follow these tips before there’s a chill in the air, and you’re sure to have a fantastic pool the next time summer rolls around. Remember, just because your pool isn’t in use during the winter months doesn’t mean you can neglect it. Being a pool owner is a chore all year long, and those who realize it are the ones who protect their investment the most.