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Profitability also comes from the reduction of brokerage costs . For this you have to think about promoting the rental of your home independently. With the Internet, there are many sites where you can place advertisements for the rental of your property: one of the best known allows you to do everything independently, but there are many others house for sale in Pattaya.

Real estate agencies and property managers play an important role in the intermediation between landlord and tenant , therefore for less experienced subjects have the advice of an intermediaryis critical. However, for more experienced owners, doing it yourself can help save some money and have a higher income from the rental of the property. Keep in mind that, for tax purposes, barring exceptions, it is not possible to analytically deduct any brokerage cost of your property. This, unless you decide to operate as an entrepreneur, but this is not the case we are dealing with in this article.

I want to remind you that each case must be evaluated individually (with your trusted accountant), but always keep this opportunity in mind, to increase the profitability of the house.

house for sale in Pattaya

Considering the vast offer of rental properties, it becomes essential to reduce the time in which the property remains vacant . Every vacant day means lack of profitability and fixed costs that become, as a percentage, more and more important. For this reason you have to think about reducing the vacancy of the property during the year. No matter what type of contract you have chosen, you must necessarily have the lease covered most of the year. To succeed in this aim, you must necessarily make the most of the opportunities to best promote your property to as many tenants as possible. In this context, the element on which you need to focus your attention is the presentation of your property.

How To Present Your Property To The Tenant

You know, the first impression is the one that counts . This rule must also be followed in the case of a lease agreement. Keep in mind that tenants looking for a home have the opportunity to compare many apartments, even directly from internet ads. Presenting the house clean and bright is the first way to leave a good impression on the tenant directly from the real estate ad.