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Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are standing lamps designed to stand on the floor and tall enough in a position light higher in the room. A floor lamp generally includes these common design features. A heavy floor lamp base that sits on the floor and provides stability. A tall pole or alternative way to elevate it upward from the ground so that light can be placed higher in the room.

There are one or more switches to operate the floor lamp. One or more lamp sockets or LED bulbs to enlighten the space are generally mounted near the top of the pole. Many types of lamp shade over or around the light bulbs to shield one’s eyes from glare and to focus the light in a particular direction.

General uses of a floor lamp.

Floor Lamps are a traditional way to provide strong light in a room for many years. There is a wide variety of designs and styles available, using technologies such as led floor lamps, fluorescent floor lamps, and halogen floor lamps.

Floor lamps are generally provided either in the corner of a room or behind a seating area because the increased light is useful for performing activities, reading, and so on. Floor lamps may frequently double as floor reading lamps and some reading lamps are specifically designed for this specific purpose.

Tall Standing lamps

The tall standing types of Floor light in a room are much taller as compared to other types of lamps. Generally the lamp head or light must be at least at chest height, though eye level is even taller than a standing person. By providing the light source too high in the room, the floor lamp allows the light to be directed toward the ceiling, or downwards over some seating or desk area, or both.

Sizes of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are generally ranging in height from around four feet to several feet. They are also known as tall standing lamps because they are quite tall, either a little shorter than an average person or slightly taller than an average person.


Look inside the room and check if a floor lamp would be proper to brighten up the room space. In case an individual has three light sources in every room, try adding one more floor lamp to observe what a difference it makes. One may read more about how to style a floor lamp.