Carpets, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tiles: the furniture market is literally overflowing when it comes to offering different floor coverings. But in the last few years one of these coverings has more than just blossomed. Self-adhesive luxury vinyl plank flooring in fort worth tx offers the advantages of laminate, imitates the look of parquet and enables serious savings potential compared to high-priced tiles.

Design for every requirement

Designer vinyl is one thing above all: incredibly diverse. The surface is printed with a photo-realistic decorative layer, which can be used to imitate every imaginable look. Black granite, red bricks, white tiles, gray slate, mottled marble or classic brown wood. There is no look that cannot be realized with the plastic. If you opt for a vinyl floor with a wood look, you don’t have to worry about the feel. Although the planks look deceptively similar to a natural floor thanks to the decorative layer, the vinyl floor is in no way inferior to a real wooden floor in terms of structure. This is ensured by special embossing and printing techniques with which the floor is structured.

Conventional vinyl planks are equipped with a so-called click system. With this click system, the boards can be easily plugged into each other and fixed. This means that the floor does not have to be glued over the entire surface. The boards that are connected to one another achieve the necessary support via the plug-in connection. A self-adhesive vinyl floor does not have a click profile, as the elements are simply placed next to each other. In order to be able to fix the boards to the sub-floor, they were provided with an adhesive layer. The board is simply placed on the floor and fixed. The result: no slipping and a perfect hold.

The self-adhesive boards can be laid quickly and easily. Basically, only the protective film has to be removed from the adhesive strip and the plank can be laid out and fixed at the same time. This is very quick and does not require any special tools such as a tapping block or rubber mallet. This makes the self-adhesive designer vinyl ideal for short-term use.

Of course, self-adhesive vinyl can also be installed at home and for permanent use. Laying is child’s play, which is why even laypeople will enjoy the small but fine technical challenge. Only the recesses for the heating pipes turn out to be a bit more demanding and should be cut out with a milling cutter, angle grinder or jigsaw. In order for the vinyl to be installed properly, the floor should be prepared accordingly. This means that it is free of grease, dust, dirt and bumps. A primer can also be used as a support, which creates the perfect contact between the planks and the floor.