We are expected to automatically know how finances work once we become an adult and enter the workforce. This is not the case, and a lot of people, especially people who grew up in poverty or had poor financial role models end up struggling here and can end up with multiple debts. This can become a serious problem, and trying to figure out different loan payments every month, or looking into who needs to be paid off first is difficult for most people. One way you can help yourself in this situation is by streamlining your payment procedure by consolidating your debts. However, not everyone will benefit from this situation. You can learn more about consolidation by reading the rest of this article and speaking to a financial advisor.

Debt consolidation might be a good idea for you if:

  • You have multiple loans from different places and do not know how to go about paying most of them at once.
  • If the loans you have taken happen to have a high-interest rate. If the majority of your loans come with a high-interest rate, then consolidation might work for you.
  • If you have a good credit score and can apply for a new consolidated loan that will have a low-interest rate compared to multiple loans with different interest rates.
  • If you have the budget and savings to be able to pay your monthly consolidated loan payment with interest at a consistent rate. If you miss a consolidated loan payment, it hurts your credit score badly.
  • If you are committed to improving your spending habits then consolidating your loans might help. If you continue being hasty with your spending even with a consolidated loan, you can end up in even more debt.