Museum of Graffiti

Children created a new art form that began with scribbling their names on walls in their neighborhoods in the late 1960s and early 1970s in large cities across the united states. Local governments started cleanup initiatives and ordered young authors to be detained for vandalism, but the movement persisted. Unstoppable young individuals advanced at a breakneck pace with inventive inventions that motivated subsequent generations of practitioners. The wall writings rapidly evolved to become more complex and aesthetically pleasing. This served as the model for tags, throw-ups, masterpieces, and intricate works that can be seen today, by adopting distinctive and recognizable signifiers like arrows, crowns, and other advancements through design and color. The Museum of Graffiti is a good choice.

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is a type of visual expression that is done in public spaces. Graffiti differs from urban art or graffiti artwork in that it is typically generated illegally and frequently entails the unpermitted tagging of private or public locations by people or organizations. Graffiti was initially used to describe ancient writings. These could be inscriptions or drawings of human figures discovered on the walls of historic cemeteries, public structures, or ruins. The catacombs of Rome and the ruins of Pompeii both contain examples of ancient graffiti. Over the years, the term “graffiti” has come to mean written or drawn text or graphics on surfaces. Graffiti was once thought to be the same thing as vandalism. However, it is now more widely acknowledged as a form of art.


The Museum of Graffiti was established to safeguard the stencil’s history and commemorate its initial appearance in architecture, clothing, publicity, and galleries fifty years later. The museum experience consists of an interior exhibition area, eleven external murals, a fine art gallery, and a top-notch gift store with confined-edition goods and unique things created by some of the world’s best graffiti artists.


The exhibition space offered by the Museum of Graffiti is something one should visit once in their lifetime because it takes you back and adds the element of mind-boggling phenomenons to your curiosity by showcasing the graffiti art of lesser know local artisans. And therefore preferring to avail of the plethora of services that the Museum of Graffiti provides is always a good choice. Apart from funky products, what they also offer is off-site art curation for hotels & private homes, brand activations, field trips, team-building activities, classes, and tours of Wynwood.