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Couples usually choose expensive metals like gold when picking the metal for their wedding bands. However, the drawback of gold is that it can be rather pricey and out of your price range. Alternative metals are available to select from for an nhẫn cưới that can meet your lifestyle and your budget without necessarily sacrificing style.


The traditional material for nhẫn cưới has always been gold. Gold does have a lovely polish that requires little upkeep. Although it is malleable, it is complex to bend. Gold is resistant to scratches and can accommodate any person’s active lifestyle. According to the sort of gold they contain, gold rings are available in various designs and hues.


The metal platinum is strong and has a high level of corrosion resistance. It keeps its silvery sheen, which makes it an ideal option for wedding bands. Unlike white gold, which requires rhodium coating to create the white tint, platinum is a white metal in and of itself, making it resistant to fading.

nhẫn cưới


If you’re on a tight budget, consider this metal an excellent substitute for platinum. The hue of palladium is identical to platinum, and it doesn’t tarnish nearly as much either.


Since titanium is biocompatible, it is one of the safest metals available. It is one of those hypoallergenic metals that everyone can wear. Even for surgical implantation, it gets employed due to its extreme safety. Strong and very scratch-resistant metals include titanium. You can be confident that a titanium ring won’t deteriorate with time.