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Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain Association (IECRM) is an industry association of more than 35,000 companies that design and build electrical systems, products, and services. Members of IECRM provide installation, engineering/design, project management, fire protection/life safety systems, lighting systems, and controls.


The membership consists of electrical contractors specializing in construction activities such as building or remodeling existing buildings. These trades are the backbone of the economy; they not only supply our homes with energy for cooking and heating but also work on utility poles to deliver electricity to our homes. Electrical contractors supply all aspects of commercial construction, including air-conditioning/heating units for retail spaces.


These companies design and manufacture products for the electrical contractor market that range from simple electrical receptacles to HVAC controls, energy management systems, information displays, and other specialty products. When looking for a new electrical contractor, check with your local IECRM member.


An independent electrical contractor can be defined as a contractor who is not under contract with the government or the Public Utility Commission of Nevada (PUCN). They are also not part of an electric utility and don’t have access to those services. An independent electrical contractorsupplies power to the home or business, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are contracted to provide service and repairs, but they do not own any parts if they need replacement.


Westinghouse Electric Corporation is an American diversified electronics company based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, whose products include power generation and transmission, lighting, controls, and nuclear safety systems. Therefore, Westinghouse is not a member of IECRM.


The main service lines are owned by the city or power company, and they contract to the building owner the electrical contractor who is paid to maintain and repair those services. However, if a fire protection system is required, either mechanical or electrical, then that work is done by an electrical contractor. The city or power company owns the circuit breakers outside each home, but they are also rented by an independent electrician. Independent electricians always have access to every part that could cause a problem because they are not insured for fire protection and mechanical problems.


Independent electrical contractors are usually hired directly by the homeowner, regardless of whether your city or county government is providing the power. Utility commissions do not regulate them in any way, and they do not participate in utilities. This means they can do projects only in your home, on your property, and not on public utility poles. The city or county government will not hire an electrical contractor to perform work on public utility poles because of insurance issues regarding damage caused to such a pole. They can only be used for private property and projects in a home or business that does not involve public utilities.