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Teen and adolescence are the stages in the life of a person who needs guidance the most. It has lots of trials, errors, and many situations that can put a person into hard decision-making. Tough decisions are made without thinking about whether it has a positive or negative impact on their growth. It is when a person is in the stage of whether to listen to Jesus or Satan.

Well, the adolescent stage is not only fun but also full of challenges that serve as their stepping ground for what they will become in the future. Parents will stand as their models and the people who can guide them along the way to have a better future. But the temptations are out there. Life Supports Counselling can help parents guide their children during their teenage and adolescent stages – a time of change.

Anger management

Teens and adolescents are the time when they start not to listen and pay more attention to what they believe is fun and good. These young people simply consider happiness as the best way to live and enjoy life without worries, without considering the bad side. What do they think of the aftershock of making wrong decisions?

Probably they don’t! The worst part is, they think that parents hinder them to become happy, which is very wrong! However, since parents don’t fail to advise their children, they feel that parents intervene in their lives. They start not to accept and listen to advise, doing wrong things, and the worst is rebellion. Thus, teen and adolescent counselors can help with anger management that is in these young people.

Academic Difficulties

Teenagers usually encounter difficulties in their academics. Why? These young people started not to get interested in their academics, instead, they focus on going out with friends. Parents are highly encouraged to support and guide their children to never fail on asking how’re their lessons at school.

Academic difficulties are also expected since the lessons are becoming tougher to understand. So, it is very essential to do a follow-up with your children’s grades at school with the help of a counselor, when the children start to have no interest in going to school. Cutting classes might happen at this stage. If you notice that your child is in trouble with academics, ask for the help of a counselor.


Bullying is one of the most serious situations teenagers face in this generation. So, parents should be watchful and know how to consult their children. There can be situations like the child is no longer interested, or even afraid of going to school. It is because of getting bullied.

Life Support Counseling can help you and your children during the teenage and adolescent stages.