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Gone are the days when moonshine was just cheap, illegal liquor brewed in makeshift stills hidden deep in the woods moonshine is a refined spirit that is enjoyed neat or mixed in beer and cocktail recipes. A history of distillation of moonshine in the western world for centuries since distillation was a common practice when moonshine was a popular drink centuries ago western world, a distillation of moonshine has been common practice for centuries.  Despite its popularity, moonshining only became widely known during the 18th-century term ‘moonshine’ originated from the fact that these illicit spirits were made at night under the light of the moon.

  • Moonshine was produced using whatever ingredients were readily available, which often resulted in poor-quality liquor with an overpowering taste and smell. However, despite low quality, people consumed it because cheap and readily available.
  • Craft distilleries emerged as a result of the methods of creating unique scents and flavors of artisanal spirits contributed to the rise of artisanal spirits.
  • There are numerous craft distilleries across that produce premium quality moonshine using locally sourced ingredients pride in the craft and use modern technology to ensure consistency and quality control the rise of craft, and distilleries a renewed interest in tasting people this once-maligned spirit could actually be quite enjoyable when produced with care and attention.
  • Moonshine Tasting are now held at various events across where connoisseurs sample varieties of these spirit tastings are wine tastings and involve swirling the drink around in a glass before taking a small sip.

Experts recommend drinking moonshine neat or mixed with soda water or tonic water to bring out a unique flavor profile some even suggest adding it to beer and cocktail recipes for an added kick is a versatile spirit used as an ingredient in various beer and cocktail recipes.

1) The Apple Pie – Combine 2 oz of apple cider with cinnamon schnapps and moonshine for a delicious fall-inspired cocktail.

Humble beginnings as an illegal liquor brewed in makeshift stills hidden deep in the woods, moonshine has come a long way considered a refined spirit that is enjoyed neat or mixed into various beer and cocktail recipes.

Craft distilleries have elevated this once-maligned spirit into something worthy of connoisseurs’ appreciation with a unique flavor profile and versatility as an ingredient in cocktails, never been a better time to enjoy some good old-fashioned shine!